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End of year Concert
Summer Festival

Concert date and time

Date: Saturday 15th December

9:30  Students arrival

10:00 Doors open   

10:15 Concert start

Place: Lewisham Public School Hall


Summer Festival

Time: After the completion of the End of Year Concert

Place: Around gazebo



  • Goldfish scooping, Gem scooping ($1 each)

  • Yo-Yo picking, Super balls, Shooting games, Ball darts ( 50c each)


  • Sushi rolls (Salmon avocado, Tuna mayo & cucumber, Teriyaki chicken, California roll, $3 each)

  • Bread rolls (savory rolls, desert rolls, $2.5 each)

  • Shaved ice (Strawberry/Melon & Milk $2, Blue Hawaii/Cola $3, Red bean & Green tea & Milk $3.5)

Raffle tickets

Prizes: Coles vouchers, restaurant vouchers

Prices: $1 for 1, $2 for 3, $5 for 10

When/Where to buy tickets: 9:30 - 10:00, near the hall entrance

Raffle Draw: Around 12:45, near gazebo

* For details please refer to the flyer (Japanese only)

Thank you in advance for helping us clean up the venue and taking the rubbish home after the event.


Concert Program



Verse recitation from Y1 Japanese text book


Dance performance “The king that never smiles”


“Beast hunting”, Song “Akasatana”


“Iro-iro Mickey-san”


Play “The Giant Turnip”


Essay recitation “Things we have learned”


Play “Woodpecker’s business”


2.Graduation Ceremony

3.End of Year Assembly

4.Management Committee Announcement

* The schedule above is subject to change.



Please read the following reminders carefully to make the concert an enjoyable event for everyone.


  • Please use the toilets located near the ground floor classrooms. Please do not use the toilets inside the hall.

  • Some seats near the doors are reserved for families with small children.

  • Please do not touch any equipment in the hall. Please do not let your children play in the hall.

  • Eating or drinking in the hall is not permitted. If your children need to eat please do so outside the hall.

  • The school gate duty mobile phone will not be answered during the concert and summer festival. If any of your family members need to enter or leave the hall/school premises during those times, please assist them yourselves.

  • Please help us clean the hall after the event.


Enter / Leave the School Premises

  • During the performances the front gate will be closed but not padlocked as per prior approval from the Principal of Lewisham Public School.

If you need to leave any time during the performances, please ensure you close the gate securely behind you.

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