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Notice of Relocation

We have moved our school to Ashfield Public school.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

About NSW Japanese School

NSW Japanese School |NSW日本語補習校 was opened in order to provide classes in the Japanese language and culture in an enjoyable, sensitive and responsive environment. Our purpose is to give our students the opportunity to become truly ‘Multicultural’ by expanding their abilities to learn new life skills and to gain an appreciation of other cultures through Japanese language and culture.

At NSW Japanese School, classes are formed on the basis of the students’ Japanese Language Ability. Students between 3years6months old (as of 1st February) and Year 6 learn Japanese in the direct method. 


The students are divided into classes according to their Japanese proficiency.  Lessons are conducted exclusively in Japanese and the students are encouraged to only speak Japanese while at school.  Celebration of traditional seasonal festivals and events is woven into the curriculum.

School Event Calender


Number of classes or students per class depends on the level of the students and the number of enrolment for the year. 



School starts at 9:30 and finishes at 12:15. Beginner classes and Intermediate classes have recess/morning tea at different time.


NSW Japanese School Song

Words: Eriko Kanno      Music: Kayoko Minglis

Shidonii no aoi sora

Massuguni nobiyou

Minna de a i u e o

Minna no koe ga kodama suru

Niko niko tanosii nihongo hoshuukou


Shidonii no kaze no naka

Te wo tsunaide ayumou

Genki ni a ka sa ta na

Kibou no koe ga afuredasu

Kira kira kagayake minna no mirai ni




Sydney’s sky is blue

Let’s stretch straight to the sky

Let’s say together, a, i, u, e and o

Everyone’s voice is echoing

Smile and enjoy N.S.W. Japanese School


In the breeze in Sydney

Let’s hold hands and walk together

Let’s say a, ka, sa, ta and na enthusiastically

Our voices with hope overflow

Everyone’s future is shining brightly

Students sing the school song at the assembly.

Listen to School Song


The school organises various events through the year. Seasonal festivals are also celebrated so students can experience Japanese culture. ​