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お楽しみ会・夏祭りのお知らせ / Information on End of Year Performance and Summer Festival







End of Year School Performance and Summer Festival will be held on Saturday,15th December.

Each class will be performing to show how hard all the students have been followed practicing by Graduation and End of Year Assembly.

After the assembly, Summer Festival will be held around the gazebo. There will be some activities, such as gold fish scooping, yo-yo- scooping and shooting games etc. Also Sushi rolls, Japanese bread as well as Shaved Ice will be sold to fill the hungry stomachs.

Hope you all enjoy the last day of the year at Japanese School!

2018 End of year Performance Program

*Only the parents/carers/relatives of the students of NSW Japanese School or the guests who have been invited by School members or the parents are permitted admission. Thank you.

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